Vehicle Examination/Expert Witness

Total Fleet Management are pleased to offer an independent vehicle examination service, be it following

  • a collision
  • a component failure
  • wheel loss
  • a vehicle related prosecution

or simply as a quality control on your maintenance and regular safety inspection provider.

Wheel Loss

Vehicle based prosecutions can arise from a number of areas including allegations of:

  • Unroadworthy Vehicle
  • Dangerous Condition
  • Unsafe/Shed Load
  • Unsafe Carriage of Passengers
  • Overloading

Defence of the allegation or indeed mitigation could require a vehicle examination, preparation of a technical report and expert evidence at the Court Hearing.

Total Fleet Management can provide this.

Vehicle Exam 2


How reliable is your maintenance provider?

The DVSA Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness states:

image002Section 6 – Monitoring
Continuous reviewing and monitoring of the quality of the systems in place is essential to ensure that they are sufficiently comprehensive to do the job.
One method of monitoring is to invite a technically competent third party periodically to re-inspect or undertake a safety inspection irrespective of whether inspections are done in-house or are contracted out.
If such independent quality control would give you peace of mind, let Total Fleet Management assist.




Other Prosecutions

Total Fleet Management can also assist in investigating other allegations such as

  • Speeding
  • Driving without Due Care and Attention
  • Dangerous Driving
  • Tachograph Offences
  • Drivers’ Hours Offences

Police Prosecutions Video Speed Analysis

Police Prosecutions

If you think we may be able to help, please telephone or contact by email to discuss the issues.

If we think you would be wasting your money we will tell you!