Tachograph Analysis

Total Fleet Management
are pleased to offer tachograph analysis which will enable you to have direct online access to your data and reports, including dashboards to enable you to view the latest situation at a glance …

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Reports include …

  • Drivers’ Hours Analysis
  • Driver Infringement Letter
  • Driver Infringement Summary
  • Graduated Fixed Penalty Costs Summary
  • Driver lead-in reports (to check recording of daily defect check)
  • Vehicle and missing mileage reports
  • Working Time Directive including option to add duty abstractions such as courses, holidays and sickness …


Tachograph analysis – What you actually get for your money!

Our Drivers’ Hours and Tachograph Infringements Analysis offers full computer analysis of all tachograph analogue and digital data, in relation to driver’s hours & tachograph infringements including, (but not limited to), computer prints of the analysis in the following formats:

  • Hours Summary: A print of each driver’s hours and infringements together with 
other information such as centre field details, driving time, fortnightly driving, average speed etc.. The time an infringement started is also normally shown, in an easy to understand format. In short, it is a report full of useful management information.
  • Driver’s Letter: Included in the above Summary, a print in the form of a plain English letter to the driver listing all infringements and faults, followed by a warning with a space for a signature in acknowledgement. This will help you to comply with Article 15 (EEC) No 3820/85 and Article 10 of (EC) No 561/2006 regarding prevention of re-offending.
  • Graduated Fixed Penalty: How much would those infringements have cost a driver if issued with a graduated fixed penalty notice for each.
  • Driver Infringement History: A weekly breakdown of infringement history for a selected period.
  • Working Time Directive: A selection of reports are available, including predictive reports
  • Lead-In Time: An exception report that tells you how long each driver spends on his daily walk-around check.
  • Odometer Disparity: An exception report that highlights ‘missing mileage’.

A useful by-product of chart analysis is the host of ancillary information that can be obtained, ranging from a simple print-out of vehicle usage, analysis of average speeds, through to more complex fleet management analysis.

Reports can be supplied by post or email and online access to the tachograph analysis program can be provided, together with automatic uploading of data.

Forensic and post collision tachograph analysis also offered.

 Forensic Tacho Analysis Port