Fleet Management Assistance for the Smaller Operator

TFM Fleet Management offers a flexible package aimed at clients who run a fleet which is ancillary to the core business and who find managing a fleet a time-consuming chore that wastes time better spent on their main activity. Let our qualified staff assist you in just one or all of the following:

  • Operator’s Licence Maintenance – including applications to add/remove vehicles, change Operating Centre and 5-yearly continuation applications
  • Operator Licence Applications – Full service.
  • Annual Testing – Reminders and booking of all necessary appointments and investigation of failures
  • Prohibitions – a full investigation of any prohibition received
  • Maintenance – monitoring safety inspection reports and effectiveness, maintenance schedules and drivers’ daily vehicle check effectiveness
  • Driving Licences – A check of faxed/emailed licence copies and a reminder to you when your driver’s licences/categories/photographs are due to expire.
  • Tachograph Calibration – Reminders and/or booking of all necessary appointments.
  • Advice - Free informal advice on all facets of our services
  • Training - A vital feature in today’s climate if you wish to preserve your operator licence.
  • Tachograph Accident Analysis – Your chart/data can normally tell you what REALLY happened!
  • Expert Witnesses for Court – We’ll back up our accident analysis with experts in court.
  • Driver Assessment – New or problem drivers assessed by a qualified examiner.

There is more…
… basically, we do the tasks that you neither have the time nor the
inclination to undertake!!