Fleet Systems Audit

If you received an unannounced visit by Officers of the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (formerly VOSA) or the Police Commercial Vehicle Unit, would they find all of your maintenance and safety systems satisfactory?

Audit Reports

As a minimum, they might check …

Inspection and Maintenance Records

  • Available/Complete/Satisfactory?
  • Inspections at agreed intervals?
  • Defects found shown as rectified
  • Inspection Sheets Supervised?

Forward Planner(s) in Use with Projected Dates for Safety Inspections and other Maintenance and Document related dates?

  • Drivers’ Daily Defect Checking and Reporting
  • Are checks satisfactorily carried out?
  • Is a full written defect reporting system in use and effective?
  • Is follow-up action taken and recorded?

Safety Inspection Arrangements

  • Maintenance Contract (if applicable), current, completed & signed?
  • Facilities adequate for number of vehicles authorised/requested?

Operating Centre

  • Is off-road parking at Centre(s) adequate?
  • Is/Are Operating Centre(s) as notified?

Vehicle Condition

  • Are vehicles in good condition and are safety monitoring systems in place?
  • Have prohibitions been received or failures recorded at annual test?

Tachograph and Drivers’ Hours

  • Are systems in place to collect tachograph charts/data on time?
  • Is data analysed?
  • Is number of Infringements acceptable?
  • Are Infringements dealt with quickly and correctly?
  • Are Working Time Directive reports accurately maintained?
  • How would your maintenance and tachograph systems and records stand up? Do you have peace of mind or is it time to request an audit?